About Me

I am inspired by the lives of ordinary people. I shoot to capture moments that might otherwise be fleeting. Elation and grief, contemplation and frivolity, tedium and thrill—it all lives within my work. Through it I share the events that move me to appreciate everyday life, the joy and fulfillment I gain through solitary moments of observation.

The exploration of different cultures drives my passion for pictures. I find inspiration on the road and tell my stories through my lens. The revelation of beauty in daily life is a common theme throughout my work. Beauty exists in our diversity; it makes our world exciting and my life exhilarating.

February 2008 brought the release of my first book, Cultures and Continents: A Photographic Tapestry. I have exhibited at esteemed venues throughout Los Angeles including Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica, Christie’s Auction House in Beverly Hills and the MetroGallery in Silverlake. I am also the co-founder of Asia Media Works, a corporation that creates mini-documentaries for non-profit organizations with fundraising needs.

Over the past 15 years I have worked in more than 40 countries on five continents. My clients include Unicef, Amnesty International, Medicines Sans Frontiers, CARE, USAID, MTV, PBS, Current TV and Outdoor Photography Magazine. I studied photography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Lorenzo D’Medici in Florence, Italy. I am based in Phnom Penh Cambodia where I focus on serving the photographic storytelling needs of non profits and international organizations.